What Is The Use Of 3D Printers And Is Creality CR 10S Worth A Printer?

Is Creality CR 10S Worth A Printer

If you’re wondering what a 3D printer can be used for, there are numerous ways. 3D printers are industrial machines used by designers, engineers, artists and hobbyists to create three-dimensional solid objects from digital models. 3D printers use additive manufacturing technology to “print” out an object from an idea. They create a computer generated design that is converted into a series of cross sections called “slices”. These show the object being printed layer-by-layer on top of one another until it is completed.

The printer then calculates precisely how much material to use for each layer and where each slice should go. The computer tells the printer the thickness of each layer so that once the object is completed, it will have exactly the required thickness and strength. 3D printers in Canada are available in wide ranges, which can be bought at varied prices. These aid the needs of several engineers, designers and beginners alike.

What is the Use of 3D Printers?

3D printers work using additive manufacturing techniques. This means that by laying down successive layers of plastic, metal or other material based on CAD data, they create three-dimensional objects in the similar shape and form. You can use a 3D printer in Canada to design, modify and produce prototypes as needed too.

  • 3D printers are mainly used by engineers. They use a 3D printer to build models at a fraction of the cost, time and labor that traditional manufacturing methods would require them.
  • 3D printers are also used to print out parts for jet engines, drones and other military hardware and to make prototypes of industrial equipment. This means that when you have an idea, you don’t need to draw it up or hire a mechanical engineer to produce a model of it. Instead, you can use a simple 3D printer to make your prototype so that you can show your ideas directly to potential clients and investors.

Here are some examples of how 3D printers are used today:

  • Designers of jewelry and accessories 3D print earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other pieces to sell online.
  • A school child’s toy-making project can now be done on a desktop machine costing less than $1500. The professional 3D printer uses a plastic called ABS which costs less than $3 per kilogram. This means it is possible for a group of schoolchildren to print out a basic toy for less than the price of a single pack of Lego.
  • Customers need only send CAD files to the company. Then, once the file has been converted into a 3D solid, it can be sent back to the customer who will receive his or her creation completed in the least possible time.
  • A trophy manufacturer can print plastic replicas of trophies, then display them at the company’s website for customers to order.
  • An artist uses a 3D printer to make prototypes of his or her sculptures before they are cast in bronze in a traditional foundry.

About Creality CR 10S

Creality CR 10S is a 3D printer that offers different levels of experiences to suit every user. If you are new to 3D printing and don’t want to start off with a more technical device, this might be the best option for you. The printer is packed with excellent features like a large print frame, ABS/TPU/PLA filament support, LCD screen, fast print speed and an affordable price. With filament detection, auto-leveling, a sturdy steel frame, and multiple print modes, it is proven to be a great device for any level of users. It comes with an inbuilt Cura slicing software and a full guide about usage and assembly.

The 3D printer is great for beginners and experts alike. With its variety of features, it’s easy to learn and master. It can print high-quality objects that are suitable for both professional and home use. Every model comes with all the printing accessories you could possibly need and are easily buildable. Printing quality is high and reliably consistent. This 3D printer takes hardly an hour to assemble and start working.

In addition to the full-fledged features of its previous model Creality CR10, Creality CR 10S offers filament run-out protection and resumption features as well.

On the negative side, this printer may be inefficient at times and create problems in heating. This can cause the layers to separate and produce models that lack quality.


All-in-all, Creality CR 10S is a great choice which offers impressive features and easy assembly. It can be bought on Mech E-Store, which has a lot of other varieties of 3D printers as well as other printers of Creality as well. Whenever you set out to get a 3D printer in Canada for your production unit, designing house or household, you must focus explicitly on the features offered and the printing space as well. The printer must suit your distinctive needs and should prove to be a long-term asset.


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