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We build your software with the latest technologies
How it works

Our Transparent Process

Our simple process supports you throughout the entire development cycle, with on-going maintenance.

Custom user experiences

We're experts in building advanced software

We've been helping companies of all sizes to create software solutions that achieve business goals and delight users. Want a domain-specific technology partner in your growing business? Look no further.

Powerful Product Suite

The complete solution for on-demand businesses

The biggest advantage of using Indemand Labs is that your applications will be built using our core technology and API that includes three key components: Ordering, Fleet Management, and a Content Management System. Not only can you capitalize on our expertise and experience building applications that power on-demand commerce and operations, you will also have access to our current and future feature set.

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Award-winning talent

You deserve A-players working on your business

Our Silicon Valley based designers and developers have won awards from Apple, founded companies, and worked with the best businesses on earth. We care about quality, scalability and doing things the right way.

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Affordable Pricing

Higher quality and a better experience

From logistics solutions, analytics tools to eCommerce, Indemand can build it. See examples of past projects for companies, with varying requirements below.

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What can Indemand build for your company?


From cleaning to repairs, we can build a solution customized for any type of service.

$15k• 6 Weeks
Food Delivery

The perfect solution for restaurant aggregators or takeaway brands looking to deliver to customers.

$15k• 3 Weeks
Car Sharing

Your own version of Uber at a fraction of the cost. Great for any type of vehicle or business modal.

$10k• 5 Weeks
Grocery Delivery

If you're a grocery store or looking to make your own Instacart, look no further, this is for you.

$20k• 4 Weeks
We are different

Better and faster than agencies or freelancers

Building software applications is complex and time consuming. From payments to data processing there can be a lot of moving parts. That's why you should rely on the experts.

Powerful technologies and API

Your applications will be built leveraging the latest technologies that have already been powering software systems all around the world. That's how we are on average 3X quicker than typical agencies.

Quality Assured

We take quality very seriously, that's why we always include QA testing in the project roadmap and we fix bugs that come up during development. We’re not happy until you’re happy.

Silicon Valley-based talent

Our Silicon Valley product team consists of award winning Apple developers, UX experts, and engineers from top colleges and tech companies.

On-going support

We’re here when you need us to answer questions or assist with any issues. See us as your trusted resource, we want to guide you through this exciting journey and help you succeed.

Access to future technologies

Our world-class engineering team always stays up to date with new technologies. We can add new features, update your infrastructure and resolve any problems that occur.

Long term relationships

Our partnership does not end when we deliver your application. We want to be your technology partner as you grow your business regardless of the stage.

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Looking for grocery solutions?

Our SaaS solution for supermarkets is end-to-end, with an integrated delivery network.

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