Guide to Select Real Gemstones Beads for Jewelry Making


Buying real gemstones for jewelry making can be a tricky job. When it comes to choosing and buying semi-precious stones, there are certain things that you cannot ignore.

Anyone who is fond of and enthusiastic about jewelry knows that beads are much more than small pieces of a refined mineral. Each bead that is cut, shaped, and polished out there gives a unique view to the finished product. Each bead has its own individual color and pattern.

Natural gemstone beads are categorized into two groups i.e. precious and semi-precious beads. The increasing popularity of precious and rare stones is not hidden from anyone. But this does not mean that the demand for semi-precious stones is less. 

No matter what type of beadwork you do, buying quality beads is a priority and also necessary. If you want your finished product to look great and shine the same for years, it is crucial to work with high-quality beads. Otherwise, you will surely get disappointed. 

Why Does Buying Quality Beads Matter?

If you do not purchase quality beads, your project will surely look cheap on the competition. If you are a jewelry make or seller, then it is a serious concern. The real gemstones for jewelry making is compulsory to get best design. No one wants to spend money on a product that looks like cheap plastic. If you buy cheap material or duplicate beads, you’ll eventually see a loss in sales. 

If you want to meticulously handcraft the products you have imagined, you should use high-quality materials. Using low-quality and cheap materials will not help you grow your business. 

Buying quality and real beads for jewelry making will ensure that the item you are putting your valuable time and effort into will last a long time. There is nothing more distressing & demotivating than shedding your blood, sweat, and tears on a project that has only been put aside for a few months (or weeks).

Inexpensive and duplicate beads not only look cheap but also wear out in less time. Many beads lose their color due to the peeling of paint. Whether you’re making jewelry pieces or doing other beadwork tasks, it’s really disappointing to see the color of your creation peeling off. Use quality and solid materials so your creation will last for years to come.

Things You Must Know Before Buying High-Quality Beads

  • Popularity and preference

Currently, there are over 200 different known gemstones in the market from which to choose the ones of your choice. Some are naturally obtained and are quite expensive among others. 

You need to ask yourself a few questions regarding your goals. What is your aim and what you want to achieve with these beads? Are you a jewelry manufacturer or seller who wants to attract more customers? Do you want to make something unique yourself or someone special?

You should also consider the valuable properties associated with each bead type. Look at the following, for instance:


Ruby: Those who wish to create a unique, eye-catching piece of jewelry should purchase exquisite red-colored rubies. They are also popular for their strength. In fact, when it comes to durability rubies come next to diamonds.

Jade: Ones who like jade often reward them for their calm, smooth, soothing feel. Natural jade comes in many different colors such as pale green, pink, blue, to purple. Sometimes jewelry makers also choose to dye jade to achieve the exact color.

Jasper: Jasper beads are available in different varieties. Jewelry makers choose them when they need stones opaque, hard, and also durable.

  • Assessment Value: Clarity and Cut

You will know how to assess the overall value of beads so that you will get an understanding of the clarity and cut. 

Cut: Several high-quality beads have well-proportioned facets. Such aspects provide the stone’s brilliance and ability to reflect light. They also hugely enhance the stone’s color and the better the aspects, the more valuable will be the gem.

Clarity: The term clarity refers to the degree of perfection of a stone. The fewer defects, inclusions, blemishes, or other undesirable marks in the stone, the greater will be the clarity and its value.

Stones with bright, dark colors that do not have any cloudiness are also considered precious and are more popular. These stones are rarely found which increases the value of this stone.

  • Selecting the right type of bead

Well, all beads are not created equally. You can use most gemstone beads for any desired purpose but it will be great if some stones if used for real gemstones for jewelry making. The following are some of the varieties you will find when searching for beads from several bead sellers:

Regular Beads: These beads comprise the central body of the beaded jewelry. Large beads are used as standalone beads (like those used in rings or earrings), but smaller beads are mostly used as spacers in elegant pieces.

Seed beads: These are small, circular-shaped beads that are usually used as accents in jewelry items. Larger varieties are used in the main body, while smaller varieties are usually glued on the pieces.

Charm beads: These beads are considered the focal point of pieces such as necklaces and pendants. The charm beads that are made of gems are usually carved. Many sellers also sell charm beads that are made of metal or wood.

  • Making a purchase from a Right Bead Seller

Buying a piece of jewelry or a product or anything, the major thing that matters most is the vendor. This case becomes more important when you are looking to buy precious beads. The best and real gemstones for jewelry making should come from well-known and reliable vendors like Dream Of Stones. They have years of experience in choosing samples which will be loved by their customers and also they will find them beneficial.

You must want to prioritize a vendors list that offers a wide variety of unique options to increase your possibilities of finding the beads that you are looking for. Best bead sellers may also offer the latest and customized items. Last, but not least, make sure that you buy beads from the ones who properly emphasize customer service.


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