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We can help you easily manage your fleet and their deliveries or jobs.

Fleet Overview

Automatic Dispatch

Customer Tracking

Provider Routing

Management Dashboard

Get a complete overview of your provider fleet in real-time with live order status' and updates.

  • Live fleet tracking with order status'
  • Manual or automatic dispatching of providers
  • Manage and update deliveries/jobs in real-time
  • Communicate directly with providers
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Provider Application

Your providers can easily manage their jobs on-the-go with real-time routing and notifications.

  • Easily switch between online and offline
  • Routing to pickup and drop-off locations
  • Providers can view full job details
  • Real-time updates and notifications
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Provider Application Demo

See how easy it is for your providers to manage their jobs.

Great product with huge potential to level up your business. Within days you are up and running with great support from the team.

Alexander Schultz

Founder & Owner, Klaffa

Our Logistics Experts

We have a solid team of logistics and delivery industry experts helping build the perfect solution.

Alex Saidani

Our CEO has built logistics solutions for both startups and enterprises.

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