Enlivening Eyelash Boxes For Displaying And Promoting Rainbow Lashes


Thinking how to leave shoppers flabbergasted with your funky false eyelash extensions? Use captivating custom eyelash boxes for flaunting the rainbow lashes. Lively and interactive display boxes would intrigue the potential customers to get detailed overview of the offerings. Packaging describing the striking specifications of the products would expedite the purchase process. Fake lashes lovers would feel enticed to explore the colorful items. If you have a budding business, creative boxes for retail would aid you with earning distinguished identity in the market.
Beguiling packaging would influence the perception of consumers about your cosmetic brand. You can personalize an eyelash box online according to your product requirements.

Communicative packaging would help you with increasing sales and getting repeat customers. Tell the lash veterans about the kind of ingredients used in the manufacture of rainbow falsies along with listing easy steps for applying them. Informative boxes would make your offers likable and worth trying out for the buyers. If you want to make your packaging compelling and result-oriented, get it custom made according to most recent trends.

You need to have a skilled and knowledgeable printing professional by your side for customizing the boxes with right elements. Once you succeed in finding such a vendor, discuss your promotional and branding needs.

We have some useful tips on printing engrossing packaging for false rainbow lashes!

Use A Bright And Scintillating Artwork:

The design of the boxes should complement the packaged items. Talk to the graphics team and give them suggestions on using a playful and pleasing artwork. A pictographic design would work better in conveying the product concept. You should have your logo and tagline printed prominently to make them easy to recall. For bundled up items, you can have glittery and decorative packaging artwork.

Reliable Custom Eyelash Boxes Packaging

Boxes for fake eyelashes should be printed with stock that is strong enough to keep the items well-protected on shelves and during storage. Cardboard is the preferred material for printing cosmetic packaging but you can ask the printer for other options as well. Choose a box style that helps the consumers with handling and usage of the lashes. Some finishing options you consider may include raised ink, UV coating, foil stamping, embossing and glossy/matte lamination.

Curate Interesting Content For The Boxes

If you have a number of videos available on your Youtube channel on how to create different looks using the false eyelashes, provide the link on packaging. The boxes can be made engaging by having famous fashion icons’ quotes printed on them. If an influencer avidly recommends your cosmetics, have her signature packaging to endorse the products.

Tell your eyelash box manufacturer in USA to give you a good bargain on wholesale printing. Read the privacy terms and conditions carefully before signing up with an online service provider. Make sure that you don’t pay extra charges for any of the services like  design, handling and shipping.

Packaging should have care cautions, manufacturing date and your website’s URL for customer assistance. Window boxes are preferred for eyelash extensions because they boost the visibility of the items.

The Legacy Printing has a knack for delivering gratifying personalized packaging solutions to retail, food and other businesses. For a quick custom quote, connect with a sales rep through chat, email or phone!


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