7 Ways Smoking And Alcohol Have A Bad Effect On You Love Life


Smoking and alcohol have a bad effect on sexual life. Here are 7 bad effects of smoking & drinking that can be threatening to you. Find out yourself!

The Risk Of Smoking

Cigarettes hold more than 4,000 chemical mixtures and 400 toxic chemicals that contain tar, carbon monoxide, DDT, arsenic, and formaldehyde. The nicotine in smokes, in particular, makes them extremely addictive. There are various illnesses created by smoking that it’s hard to determine where to begin. Any quantity and variety of smoking is dangerous for your health

Risk Of Huge Drinking

Most people like to have a drink or two, be it beer, wine, or spirits. Moderate drinking is satisfactory and may even be useful for the heart. Large and spree drinking, on the other hand, can point to dangerous pharmaceutical difficulties.

A healthy goal for drinking is normally no more than 2 glasses (3 units of alcohol) a day for men and 1 glass (2 units) a day for women. Spree drinking suggests having 5 or more drinks for men and 4 or more drinks for women on one moment.

Alcohol is referred to as an excellent aphrodisiac. However, this is only partially true, because apart from this one possible advantage, it otherwise has only the disadvantages. In the case of smoking, no one doubts its harmfulness to health. If you still smoke more and more and you can’t resist a glass, here are 7 reasons not to.

Decreased Libido

One glass of alcohol, especially wine, is still an aphrodisiac, but if there are more, it is a factor that significantly worsens libido. Although it is true that alcohol can increase the desire for love at a given time of consumption, in the long run it has the opposite effect due to testosterone.

Along with it, nicotine has a similar effect for a long time. Several studies show that regular smoking has a negative effect on testosterone, similar to alcohol, resulting in a decrease in its natural production, levels and associated reduction in libido.

Problem With The Occurrence And Maintenance Of An Erection

Some statistics show that if a man smokes 10 cigarettes a day, the risk of erectile dysfunction increases by a quarter, while 20 cigarettes a day increase by up to half. Whether you believe these numbers or not, it is certain that smoking affects the circulatory system and therefore the erection use Fildena for long erection.

Alcohol also does not help hardening, and unlike cigarettes, in the case of a larger amount, you will see the result of an erection almost immediately. In addition to the risks of its occurrence, you will also have a problem maintaining it, which can prevent any bedtime fun.

Risk Of Pregnancy And Disease

Alcohol releases the barriers and this is true even when you go to the “best”. The result is usually love without protection in the form of a condom, because neither of the partners wants to linger with such “unnecessariness” and do not consider it necessary.

If a woman does not take hormonal contraceptives, the risk of unwanted pregnancies and the resulting increase increases in these cases. There is also an increased risk of s**ually transmitted diseases and infections, especially in the case of accidental acquaintances.

smoking & Drinking

Love Without Orgasm

A slightly opposite barrel to the previous risk is a situation where a man cannot reach orgasm. This problem is usually associated with the consumption of alcohol in larger quantities, when it may come to erect the limb, but also to dull the senses.

The result is a partially weakened erection in a man and at the same time a problem with reaching a climax. The time until ejaculation will increase in proportion to the alcohol consumed, and in extreme cases your love will end without any orgasm.

Impaired Fertility

Alcohol and smoking have an extremely negative effect on testosterone levels not only in connection with libido, but also in connection with fertility as such. Of course, it all starts by reducing the quality and number of sperm, just by smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

Men who consume alcohol for a long time will feel its negative effect on fertility with a delay, but they will also avoid it. It starts with potency problems and if they are not solved, it culminates in the negative results of the spermiogram after the examination by a doctor.

Problem With Premature Ejaculation

In some men, the opposite problem may occur, such as the problem of delayed or absentee orgasm, namely a condition of premature or too rapid ejaculation. This may be due to smoking rather than alcohol, but it can also be a combination of both factors.

Men generally take less time to reach orgasm than women, so developing such a condition will freeze not only you but also your partner. It often happens that smokers or men under the influence of alcohol get ejaculation within one or two minutes, which is a serious problem.

Window And Memory Problem

Even if you do not happen to experience any of these serious problems, this last risk will still be present. If you are a holiday drinker, even one or two glasses can cause a “window”.

If you overdo it more, you may have trouble remembering what all happened last night. Although it is likely that nothing has happened to you in such a state, you will have absolutely no experience of it, because you will not remember it


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