Airline Carriers Offering Best Flights To India From USA


Travelling to a faraway destination for a long vacation sounds absolutely perfect. Since there are so many options for travelling, you might find it hard to choose one place. However, out of all the places, India surely stands out a bit. This exotic country is a rich historical and cultural heritage that you can explore. Everything from the food to the clothes to the traditions in India is supremely fascinating. Planning a trip to India is a must when you want to travel with your family and friends.

Once the decision has been made, you might wonder what airlines offer the best flights to India from USA. That is a valid and relevant question, as your airline is important for a comfortable journey. There are several factors that must be taken into consideration when you book your flights. From the on-ground facilities to the in-flight experience, each aspect of your flight should be nothing less than perfect. That becomes increasingly important when you are flying from the United States to India, as the journey is very long. With so much competition between the airlines and everyone putting out a great product, your confusion is only natural. So, here are some of the top airlines that you can consider making your choice easier.


  • Air India: Air India is one of the members of Star Alliance, which is the largest airline alliance in the world. Air India is also the flag carrier of India, and this means they do everything they can to offer their passengers the best service. If you are thinking of flying to India for your next holiday or business trip, booking with Air India is the best option. As the flag carrier of the country, Air India is also a cheaper choice and offers more options. No matter what destination you pick, Air India will make it easier to make your final purchase.
  • Delta Airlines: In terms of the number of passengers that are carried, Delta Airlines happens to be the second-largest in the whole world. These numbers are enough to prove that this airline is the number one choice for a lot of people. If you want to fly from the United States to India, then Delta Airlines can prove to be your best companion. Delta Airlines does everything it can to make travel easier for all passengers. They offer an online web check-in service and easy luggage drop off service to ensure that you do not need to stand in long queues for a long time.
  • United Airlines: United Airlines is an American airline that has been a big player in the aviation industry for many years. United Airlines offers flights on both domestic and international routes. They have several flights to India and connect a number of cities in the country to the United States. Flying long-haul with them is also a wonderful experience as they have a keen eye for detail. Some of the best services that you enjoy when you book with them include expensive amenity kits, comfortable seating, attentive cabin services, fine-dining experience, state of the art entertainment system, and much more.
  • Etihad Airways: Etihad is the second flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates and one of the leading airlines in the world. Etihad Airways has set the bar quite high when it comes to the facilities they provide all passengers. Reserving flights with Etihad Airways will also prove to be a wonderful option for your flights to India. Etihad Airways offers an easy refund, cancellation, and flight change policy, and that makes this airline quite popular. They also have a generous baggage allowance for passengers in all cabin classes. So, you can take whatever you want, without thinking too much.
  • American Airlines: American Airlines happens to be the largest airline in the whole world and is also the proud owner of the largest aircraft fleet in the whole world. Booking long-haul flights to India with them is a good idea, and you can have a comfortable journey when you book with them. As they have several flights taking off each day, you can easily find several flight options on your chosen route. They also understand that money is an important aspect of booking your flights. So, they offer some of the lowest airfares in the market.
  • Emirates: Owned by the government of the United Arab Emirates, Emirates Airlines is one the top ranking airline carriers in the world. This airline has a wide range of seating options for people in all budget ranges. Whether you want to fly affordably in the Economy Class or want to enjoy the ultimate luxury and comfort of the First Class, Emirates Airlines ensures that you can have anything you want. Emirates also offers several flights from the United States to India, so the number of flight options are unlimited. If you haven’t already, then you need to pick Emirates as your number one.
  • Singapore Airlines: Words cannot truly describe the superb service that is offered by Singapore Airlines. This award-winning airline is responsible for providing the highest quality service. Flying with Singapore Airlines will prove to be the greatest choice that you will make. They understand how important your seating experience is, and they pay attention to every detail that goes into making the comfiest seat. No matter what carbon class you choose, there is plenty of legrooms, and the chairs recline enough for you to enjoy a decent nap. The soft duvet and pillow that they provide all passengers only add to the overall comfort and flight experience.


These leading airline carriers are some of the best in the aviation industry. Taking long haul flights will never be a pain again when you have flights to India from the USA with one of these airlines. If you are smart enough with your reservations, you can also ensure that you get the lowest airfares on these airline carriers. Do not waste any more time and start planning your next trip to India.


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